If You Are A Writer

A good writer must have a very large vobulary to make his/her work interesting.

Being both a hobbyist poet and a short story writer, I felt what better opporubity to use my profession skills to create this tiny online application to see what is my vocabulary score!

In order to use this service, you will first need to Register if you have not registered before. The registration is free.

You will then need to Login. This helps to display your own processed files for viewing or downloading.

The process files will be avialble for a day from when they were processed.

The files will have to be text and Word fromated documents (.txt, .doc. docx).

The document should be limited to 100,000 words.


The English language owes a great debt to Shakespeare. He invented ( note not created any new words) over 1700 of our common words by changing nouns into verbs, changing verbs into adjectives, connecting words never before used together, and adding prefixes and suffixes.

Charles Dickens

It is said to improve your English read Charles Dickens; he had a very strong command of English language.


I was never formally introduced to English language in my educational years, the reason been that my childhood was spent in Africa and India where English was not considered as an important language. They had their own languages.

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I got interested in English language in Malawi where I read a lot of Fairy tales and Greek mythology, and teenage mystery fiction, The Hardy Boys. Just before I left Malawi I had started writing poetry on my own without any knowledge of its elements. My real passion into story writing came when I came to this country in 1976. I still remember writing short stories for my English classes and the teacher reading them out. I had no clue about the grammar or the correct use of the words. I read a lot of fairy tales, Agatha Christine and Sherlock Holmes. I guess it must be in my genes that I should be drawn towards poetry and literature for I have no inkling how I got into reading Shakespeare, Elizabethan and Victorian poets/poetesses. When I first read Shakespeare’s two narrative poems I read them like one listens to music; it was the ear with my own interruptions, which mostly was far-fetched. It was the same with his sonnets. However I was able to grasp most of his Julius Cease, mainly because of the movies and the writing. I still find difficult to understand his other plays. But what I understand is simply brilliant; his insight to humanness and metaphors. He was a great metaphysical poet, a characteristic which is the heart of my poetry.

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