Group's Menu

Bread 1.00
Cheese Salad3.00
Goat Cheese3.00
Medium Cheese2.70
Small Cheese2.00
Aged Smoked Pork Loin Chorizo8.50
Cheeseboard (Goat cheese, dry cheese) 5.50
Chorizo Catalan6.00
Cured Ham 9.00
Grilled Chorizo5.00
Mix Tasting Cut board30.00

Combination of Smoked Pork Ham and Cheeseboard (two types of cheese).

Octopus Salad7.00

Cut in cubes and prepared in garlic, herbs and extra olive oil.

Pica Pau 5.50

Pork cut in small cubes, fried in a pan with garlic butter.

Smoked Pork Ham6.00
Main Menu (Meat)
8oz Sirloin Steak 15.00

Grilled at taste Sirloin steak served with chips and salad.



Alheiras/Mirandela Sausage10.00

Fried Seasoned veal&Chicken flour sausage topped with a fried egg, served with chips and salad

Bitoque/Portuguese steak (pork) 7.50

(Beef) £10


Fried steak, topped with a fried egg served with chips and salad.

Entrecosto/Pork ribs 10.00

Plain grilled full rack of ribs served with chips and salad

Entremeada/Grilled pork belly 9.00

Grilled Pork Belly Served with Salad and chips


Multilayered sandwich, with pork steak, sausage, chourizo and ham covered in cheese topped with a fried egg, served swimming in a rich spicy sauce, with chips on the side

Frango Churrasco/Chicken Piri Piri15.00

Half £8  - Whole £15


Classic Portuguese style grilled spicy chicken served with chips and salad

Grelhada Mista/Grilled pork mix 9.00

For 1 £9. For 2 £15.


 Selection of different grilled pork cuts containing a steak, a sausage and a pork belly, served with chips and salad

Grilledi Lamb Chops12.00

Grilled lamb chops served with chips arid salad

Secretos / Portuguese black pork fillets 13.00

Grilled selected fillets served with chips and salad

Main Menu (Fish)
Arroz de Marisco / Shellfish Rice 25.00

For 2. Freshly prepared rice with a rich selection of shellfish including shrimps, and a variety different mussels.

Bacalhau a Bras/Salted Codfish Bras Style 10.00

Shredded codfish involved in egg and crispy potato strings topped with fresh parsley and black olives

Bacalhau/Salted Codfish...........14.00

Grilled topped with garlic and coriander watered with olive oil served with whole baby potatoes or Boiled with vegetables and potatoes

Cataplana de Tamboril / Monkfish Cataplana28.00

 For 2. Slow cooked rich seafood stew with monkfish and prawns in a bed of braised peppers and onions with sliced potatoes

Lulas Grelhadas / Grilled Squid 11.00

Plain grilled served with butter sauce , whole potatoes and salad

Polvo a Lagareiro/Grilled Octopus 18.00

Grilled octopus topped with garlic and coriander watered with olive oil served with whole baby potatoes

Roloalo Grelhado/Grilled Sealoass 12.00

Plain grilled seabass served with whole potatoes and salad

Salmiio Grelhado / Grilled Salmon 13.00

Plain grilled salmon slice served with whole potatoes and salad

Sardinhas Assadas/Grilled Sardines 12.00

Plain grilled sardines served with whole baby potatoes and salad

Wines750mlWines by glass are only availble for the Wine of The Week. Ask Staff.
AA (Ribatqjo) [Suave/Sofi]9.00

125ml £2.00, 175ml £2.70, 250ml £3.90 .

Branco/White -- Encostas de Enxoé (Alentejo)13.90

125ml £3.10, 175ml £4.20, 250ml £6.00

Branco/White -- Fogo do Chao(Douro)15.10

125ml £3.40, 174ml £4.60, 250ml £6.70

Branco/White -- Lusitano ( Alentejo ) 15.90
Branco/White -- Pulo do Lobe (Alentejo) 11.50

125ml £2.50, 175ml £3.75, 250ml £5.00

Branco/White -- Quinta dos Termos ( Beira Interior) 12.90

125ml £2.75, 174ml £3.90, 250ml £5.60

Branco/White -- Vale de Barris [Palmela] 9.50

125ml £2.10 , 175ml £2.80 , 250ml £4.10

Branco/White -- Vila Real (Douro)11.00

125ml £2.54, 174ml £3.30, 250ml £4.75

Branco/White -- Vila Real Reserva (Douro)12.50

125ml £2.65, 174ml £3.75, 250ml £5.40

Cortinha Velha (Moncao) 15.50
Dois Carvalhos (Ribatejo) [Red]20.30

125ml £4.40, 175ml £6.10, 250ml £8.80

Encostas de Enxoe (Alentejo) [Red]

125ml £3.40, 175ml £4.80, 250ml £6.90

Lusitano (Alentejo ) [Rose]15.90
Lusitano Reserva (Alentejo) [Red]21.85
Maria Casal (Minho)10.40
Maria Casal Rosé (Minho) [Verde/Green]10.40
Melodia Verde (Minha) [Verde/Green]10.00
Moscatel do Douro 2.50
Obelisco Frizante (Ribatejo) [Suave Sofi]8.90
Palmela (palmela) [Red]8.00

125m| £1,90, 175ml £2,60, 250ml £3.80

Port Pink 3.40
Porto 10 years 4.00
Porto Tawny/Ruby/White 2.50
Pulo do Lobo (Alentejo) [Red]13.70

125ml £3.00, 175ml £4.10, 250ml £5.90

Quinta dos Termos ( Beira Interior ) [Rose]12.90
Vale Barris Castelao (Pamela) [Red]9.10
Vale dc Barris (Palmela) [Rose]9.50
Vila Real ( Douro ) [Rose]11.00
Vila Real Reserva (Douro) [Red]12.00
Sagres (Lagger Bicmde]3.00
Sagres (sem alcool/Alcohol free)2.00
Sagres Prala (stout) 3.00
Super Bock (Bock Lagger] 2.50
Super Bock (sem alcool[/alcohol free] 2.00
Super Bock Preta (Stout] 2.50
Soft Drinks


Agua com gas/Sparkling Water 1.80


Agua natural/Still Water1.20


Coca-Cola 2.00


Coca-Cola light 2.00


Compal Sabores Variados 2.00




Ice Tea2.00
Sumol Laranja/Ananas/Maracja 2.00
Hot Drinks
Antiqua Coffee 6.00
Beirao Coffee4.00
Brandy Coffee 4.00
Cha/Tea 1.20
Gaiao/Latte 2.00
Sparkling Drinks
Sangrias -- Branca/White 9.00
Sangrias -- Espumante/Sparkling 12.00

1L £12, 2L £16

Sangrias -- Roses10.00

1L £10 2L £15

Sangrias -- Tinta/Red9.00

1L £9, 2L £14

Sparkling -- Cortinha Velha Bruto (Moncao) 22.60
Sparkling -- Quinta dos Termos 'Tinto/(Beira Interior) 18.80
Sparkling -- Quinta dos Termos (Beira lnteridr) 18.80
Brandy Croft 2.00

1/2 £2.00, 1 £3.50

Grants (Whisky)2.00
Jack Daniels.[Burbon]2.00

1/2 £2.00, 1 £3.50

Jameson (Whisky) 2.00
Macieira (Brandy)2.00

1/2 £2, 1 £3,20

Fruta da Epoca / Seasonal Fruit 2.00
Pastel de Nata / Custard Tart 1.50


Sobremesa do Dia / Dessert Specials 3.50

The dessert specials are subjected to availability; please ask the staff.

The Portuguese Tavern