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Undoubtedly, the most famous man in the history of mankind, so far, is Jesus Christ, yet we do not know anything about this man except for what the Bible tells. There are no cross-references or artefacts about the Man whatsoever and yet we are willing to give up our lives for this Man's words.

While religion has brushed the question of the Man's integrity under the carpet, Science has gone long lengths to verify any bit of his existence but sadly to no avail. The Turin Shroud, the last hope for the Manís existence, also failed to substantiate his existence.

Being a fictitious character opens up many hypothesises for the person's being. For religious and illiterate people it is the work of Gods; for scientific people it is the work of an extremely, advanced, intelligence, and for the imaginative minds the work of aliens ( though we now have come to accept the concept of aliens being highly likely).

The things that were deemed in the realm of miracles couple of centuries ago now have become an everyday requirement.

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