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After lust, the most intense emotion a mammalian life has is love. This is clearly seen from an insignificant animal to the ultimate animal – a human being.

While lust is physical, meant for procreation, Love is spiritual, meant to hold and bring various persons together. Normally Nature tries to forbid inappropriate relationships between various species due to physical attributes and appearances but this has not been fruitful as we humans have shown love for different species from us and vice-versa.

Though the difference between a vampire and a human is not an extreme one as both species have identical physical, and some common emotional attributes, a liaison of these two species is not achievable unless one of the parties converts into the nature of the other party. Of course a productive and a useful conversion would be to become a human.

Like brute force on one hand, Love on the other hand is also a reckonable power. History is full of examples of where the power of love have achieved magnificent feats, like the Taj Mahal and Shakespeare.

This short story is an expansion of a poem of the same name written in 1990. The story was written in 1992 and had been dormant till now. This is the second of this type of creation; the other one is ‘Behold The Man They Call Christ’.

Though I’m not a professional writer (one cannot survive on words except for politicians or pakhandis), I had a very strong interest in writing from an early age. I am not a contemporary writer nor would like to be one. All my works are written in the mannerism of traditional writers; authors and poets whose contents strongly adhere to the art of the subject. Nowadays, the trend in literature is very much like that in art: we have authors writing content that demonises the art that they explore and poets churning up all kinds of weird styles and breaking every poetry rule. Yet schools and writing institutes are adamant for their pupils to learn the works of traditional writers as old as half a millennium. Regrettably this is the irony. Writers writing in the styles and the mannerisms of the bygone geniuses are heavily criticised and castrated for their efforts in the present literary climate. The gurus of the literary world are interested in ‘copycat’ writers – writers who could emulate their contemporaries, not have their own mannerisms.

I hope you will like this introductory collection; I have not brought out this booklet to incite you or put a bad taste in your mouth. I am just pissed-off with the guardians of poetry and like to prove that they are really a bunch of morons. If I am right then this booklet has exceeded its goal.

The concept that monkeys can be represented as a superior race, as brought to prominence by the novel Monkey Planet by Pierre Boulle and then elevated to a rational status by Hollywood through its Planet of Apes films, is not a modern concept. This concept has been in existence since nearly three thousand years before Christ in the Indian chronicles, Ramayana. However, sadly, neither the films nor the chronicles give an explanation of their being.

The Birth of the Planet Of Apes points the readers to the apparent evolution of these creatures. This story was written in 1990s.

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Basically, there are two kinds of life forms. One that is indigenous and other that is ‘alienic’. More and more scientists nowadays are coming to accept the concept that life on Earth was brought by some microscopic life that had dropped down from space in containers like comets or meteorites. However, the difficulty is in distinguishing them. Life – living organisms - whether they be of Earth or deep space have the same replicating process. One wonders whether small-pox, tb, yellow-fever, and such living organisms were present in the times of our ancestral forefathers or these living organisms have come about as a result of evolution or arrival. Prior to 1980's Aids was unheard. Then how did it show up so suddenly and that at a devastating rate. Is this entity a creation of Earth, man, or space? The Sad End of Lal deals with entities from space as a menacing plague, the Space Parasite as a new breed of species, while The Man From The Moon has easy-made humans. Mankind has come a long, long way from its earliest days. While other species, like sharks, horses, bats, frogs, birds and, of course, apes --far, far older than man (man only started to appear around 100,000 years ago) -- are stuck into a time warp, man has completely changed his appearance both mentally and physically. Not only this but with his lightening-fast acceleration of acquiring intelligence, he is rewriting Nature’s, many, many million years, set textbook. One, then, wonders how far man is willing to go. The stories in this booklet show the limits that man has gone so far. The House At The Edge Of Hell deals with the aftermath of an all convention nuclear war. Soul To Soul looks at man’s fascination with eternal life. The Boy Who Talks To The Computers man’s desire to be a God.

The word ‘robot’ nowadays have became a very familiar word in both adults’ and children's vocabulary, and what had deemed to be in the realms of sci-fi few decades ago now has become reality. Much progress has been made in the science of robotics and AI that it is envisaged in few decades time mankind will harvest the benefits of these entities. Robots are fine as long as they are controllable but when the control over them is lost, like any other entity, they can become dangerous except for with robots, they can be more lethal than their creators. Colossal is a pointer to this kind of a scenario.

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Circumstances are great innovations for changes. Most changes that have happened in the history of mankind have done so due to circumstances bringing about favourable opportunities for the initiator.Circumstances can arise due to many different ways; ways in which man, nature, earth or even aliens have played a part. Aliens are not a far fetched concept has it was believed couple of decades ago. Today most scientists and people believe that we are not unique in the universe, especially when the universe is unimaginably huge. Recent work in astronomy has found that there are planets like ours revolving like a sun like ours, and it is possible that on one of these planets they may be life which is ten thousand times more intelligent than ours --- the stuff that our Gods are made of.

Ever wondered who Jesus Christ could have been? Was he really the person the Bible says. The son of God who had an earthly body and an earthly character, suffered earthly pains, and then died an earthly death. Was there ever Jesus Christ of the Bible. So far it is all hear say, and what evidence there is of his existence does not stand up to any scientific analysis. For this reason Jesus Christ can not be taken seriously as a real entity. It may be true that there was Jesus Christ a man, not Jesus Christ the son of God, or even that there was no such person Jesus Christ. He was just a fictitious character to steer the people into a specific direction. Or there indeed was Jesus Christ the son of God only that he was really a being from an advanced civilization -- Earth in future or another planet that the universe is infested with. Whatever the Man's origins, Behold The Man They Call Christ tries to give an explanation of the presence of this man on Earth.