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Doctor Jockensey felt pleased as he typed out the last instruction into compubrain. He felt a sense of relief and achievement. Now after three years of liaisoning the brains he could take it easy and concentrate on his real job as a prodigious surgeon. The hospital hadn't like much about the idea when Jockensey had embarked on his pet project for the simple reason that he had to resign from many eminent positions the hospital had given him to promote the popularity and the integrity of their place of saving and caring of life. Nowadays the government becoming humanist to other nations of the globe had cut down their subsidiaries and grants to the medical sector and hence as a result every hospital was for itself. So the hospitals that made money were hospitals that had men like Jockensey. Doctor Jockensey was a unique man; he was a Shakespeare of medicine: a genius who had done the first in many aspects of human anatomy than anyone in history had. At a mere age of fifteen he had become a fully fledge doctor, the youngest in medical chronicles and had implemented techniques that were beyond the grasp of many of the gurus of medicine. At the age of 25 he had done the first brain transplant of any species; between two chimps and had achieved moderate success of it even though the chimps had a short life after this; but nevertheless the experiments had given medical research an immerse insight of such operations. It was matter of time before he had achieved his goal; and he had achieved it within five more years of his first transplant. At the age of 32 he had not only done a successful chimp brain swap but also had further to human brains.