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From: The Sad End Of Lal

There are some things in this universe that should be left alone however great the temptation is for us to embrace them. But we clowns do not, and to prove ourselves great, we go and touch them and then bring about untold suffering to the innocent people who just want to live for the sake of birth! History has shown us countless times the consequences of meddling with the harmony and the ways of Nature, and yet we have only become adamant not to learn from our mistakes or even from otherís sufferance -- especially in this times of great compassion -- but to go ahead and create more suffering with diabolic pains. What was our crime we ask. We did not seek immorality, luxurious houses or even medicines to ease our pains. We were contented with what Mother Nature had given us. We did not want cars, that pollute the air; the light of the bulb that is hundred times brighter than a candle -- that pollutes the air -- plastic containers and cans that store fragrances, liquors and what not to make one self pretty, and other conveniences that deteriorate the atmosphere. We did not want all these things of modern man that brings on more bads than goods. We were simple people with simple needs. We did not want to go into an atom or reach colossal distances to those things that shine brighter than hundred galaxies put together the astronomers say is at the edge of the universe. We did not want to know what ingredients aged us or what mechanisms made our bodies tick, or which bacteria did this and that. We did not want to grasp knowledge more than required by our day to day living. Our ancestors had lived on simple knowledge harmoniously and joyfully for million of years and they had no great complaints of inconveniences and neither did we have living with their ways. So what we died earlier or with little more pain than rest. Death is certain, and natural pain is tolerable --- but unnecessiated butchering is neither tolerable nor pardonable, nor forgivable!