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From: The House At The Edge Of Hell

What day after. There won't be any more days or years after. Mankind had done its worst, and Nature will take hundred and hundred of years to cleanse itself from this waste. There isn't much we can do save keep on praying. Probably being good Christians had spared us from death, pain and the burden of hopelessness. What made Pa bring us here itself is a manifestation of destiny. Nobody in his or her right mind would close up a business in its peak period, take the children away from school only months away from important examinations and hid away with a month’s ration in a well furnished modernised mountain-cave cabin in the most remotest part of the Rockies. The first we heard about any sort of world trouble was the day Pakistan invaded India. It was minor news, mentioned couple of times in the world affairs section. The Pakistani army had entered India, the Pakistan government had defended, was to prepare couple of hundred hectares to relieve the strain of overpopulation onto its land neighbouring India. Moreover, the land they had taken was barren and lying waste. The Indian government, however, would not budge at all from their decision. It was their land, by international laws, and the Pakistani army invading them was the aggressor. They defended their action from humanitarian points that the land was kept aside for their own population crisis.