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Iím pretty sure that nobody is going to believe this tale of mine, the actual events that happened preceding that historical moment where Iíd played the role of God. Yes God! If there ever existed this phantom entity that had shaped our lives and cultures, and on whose name many hundred million hearts had lost their souls in the depth of oblivion. I guess I will be simply dismissed as one of those folk-tellers, or probably a crack who concocts long and tall tales that are nothing more than the imagination of a distorted mind, and only suitable to delight young children. I do not mind the ordinary massís disinterest in my story for to me ninety percent of the bulk of any species is stupid, and most of the times following the few superior members of its race. I may be going over the top as I donít know who would come across my this story; but who ever does, whatever race, creatures or entities, my main concern is for the scientific members; for after all, in a sense, these are the people who have the qualities to understand things in perspective. I hope they will not condemn me for what I have done; I had to just like a cowboy has to lay down his wounded horse, or a physician has to kill the patient to save him/her from unnecessary pain. These things just have to be done. There is no absolute right or wrong! Iíll began my story -- the casing point -- one warm summerís evening in the year of 1989, though I could well go few weeks back but shall not. The only aspect of these weeksí event Iíll like to part is the reoccurring dreams I had about coming of my friends, and the events leading to that Day and the aftermath of that Day, that will now become the first day of the new world.