Close Window

David Killand woke up with an uneasy feeling. There was something amiss today, and he knew it when he drew the curtains of his small bedroom and looked at the large digital clock on the wall facing him. The strong sunlight of the late morning sun poured into the room illuminating it hundred fold and throwing shadows wherever it could. ‘Dammit, Suzy!’ he murmured under his breathe. ‘You should have awoken me ages ago. Of all the days it has to be this.’ He called out aloud still from the bed, ‘Where are you Suzy.’ There was no answer. This was unusual. Suzy didn’t have any outside appointments today and besides she would have told him directly or indirectly. She always did. David called out again, this time putting weight in his voice. ‘Suzy I command you to be here -- right now.’ Still there was no answer. This could only mean one thing. David jumped out from his bed and rushed through the passage way poking his head in the rooms. Unfortunately Suzy was no where to be seen; not even in the loo, the bathroom or the basement. David couldn’t do anything much but wait like a worried mother waiting for her child to come back home. Suzy, he reassured himself again and again must have gone out on an emergence outing which, the life of his, he couldn’t figure it out. Suzy always left a message when she went out. Always. Without Suzy David was a hermit. He had no one really. He was a sort of a misfit who found people’s company very uncomfortable, and most of the time annoying. It wasn’t that David wasn’t good-looking; in fact he was very handsome, and had a very sparkling personality that would even charm the latest model of the android affordable by the ruling class.