About Mahesh's Bookstore


M K Enterprises was found after having great difficulty in finding a publisher to publish my works.

Publishers be it international publishing houses, small presses or even Art Councils, nowadays, are not interested in the works of new writers; they will only consider writers who had at least two books published recently. On one hand these promoters of literature say they are looking for new writers yet on the other hand they put silly conditions. Eventually, the best way of getting works published is to do it by oneself. Having a great interest in art and craft, and being a computer programmer, I both designed and created the booklets being sold from this site.

About Me

All my works are written in the mannerism of traditional writers; authors and poets whose contents strongly adhere to the theme of the subject. Nowadays, the trend in literature is very much like that in Art: we have authors writing content that pitimises the subjects that they explore and poets churning up all kind of weird styles and breaking every poetry rule. Yet schools and writing institutes are adamant for their pupils to learn the works of traditional writers as old as half a millennium. Regrettably this is the irony. Writers writing in the styles and the mannerism of the bygone geniuses are heavily criticised and castrated for their efforts in the present literary climate. The gurus of the literary world are interested in ‘copycat’ writers – writers who could emulate their contemporaries, not have their own mannerisms. I am a hardcore poet who is willing to go against the flow of mainstream poetry, and strongly believe in ‘Great Communications are Simple Thoughts.’