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From: The March Of The Animals

The city was on red alert; the zoo had had a mass break-out of all its animals. The man was saying irritatingly, “How did this happen. After all we had done.” “I guess we underestimated Crilo. We knew he was clever; but not this clever. And E’Mac double-crossed us.” “Damn Crilo! Damn E’Mac!” The sight of the animals coming out of the zoo’s main entrance was both a unique and a wonderful display of comradery. Like different races of mankind, they emerged well behaved and obedient; there was no distinction between carnivorous and herbivorous or between predator and prey; and if one of the animals accidentally tramped on the other, it was helped out instead of growled at. All this was the work of one animal Crilo – the orphaned cheetah. However to execute this daring escapade, Crilo had help from the rest of the zoo animals. First of all there was Mungo, the monkey. Without whose intelligence and dexterity, the cause would have been lost even before it would have started off. Then there were Lenamander, the lion and Tagger, the tiger who kept men at bay while Phonty, the elephant, Henkey, the Hippo and Shindders, the horse brought down doors’ of cages and walls for