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The short-short stories in this collection were all written for Sevenís short story competition Ė a TV magazine supplement of Bristol Evening Post Saturdayís issue. The rules of the competition were the story had to start of, include, or end of with lines provided by the magazine and that the stories had to be limited to 800 words only. Unfortunately, expect for two stories, all had been rejected, and eventually there was no point in entering the competition. However, as the stories had been written it would have been silly to let them go waste. An extra story is also included in this booklet; being associated with Bristol this would be an appropriate place to put in. The story was written to commemorate Brunelís bi-centenary birthday.

To live in today's world one has to be very conscious of the reality going around. Unlike the world of few decades ago where children played on streets by themselves and talked to strangers today's world has become violent, untrusting and greedy. Moreover, due to the ease of freedom and choices children as young as ten years old now are very knowledgeable in subjects that couple of decades ago were only meant for adult's minds.The world has become hard and hence as a result, along side children's world,children should also be acquainted with the real world. It is a great shame that we have lost "Childhood Innocency". In Santa Claus, Santa Claus, How I Wonder Who You Are? & Other Stories, the stories explore concepts that are a big part of 'Childhood Innocency'.