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Relax in your tent, go to sleep by sounds of the bush drifting through the air and nocturnal animals attending to their businesses, before disappearing silently into the night. In the morning, enjoy a hot shower in your en suite and a hearty breakfast before setting out at sunrise into the wilds of Africa.

All tents are erected on a cemented foundation covered with local marble stones and are of same size. The sleeping arrangement in the tents are very flexible, and depending on the number of guests, beds can be both removed and added. The tents can accommodate maximum of three standard beds.

The refreshment area which contains modern-day shower, wash basin and toilet is divided by a canvas opening. There is 24hrs hot water supply to all tents.

The beds have soft mattress and mosquito nets, and electric fans in hot seasons.

The environment both in and outside of the tent is kept to minimal  and traditional. The Giraffe Hills Mara Camp would like its guest to enjoy the experience of staying at the camp to that of the by-gone days and attune to Nature as much as possible without comprising on modern day conveniences.

At Giraffe Hills Mara Camp the ethos is to have a more rustic experience; be part of Nature rather than Nature being a part of you.

The charge per night is per head (adult $100/night; child $50/night [between 3 years and 16 years]) not per tent. All tents will require at least one adult if children are to stay in the tent.