All the games on this page were written around 2001 as a part of my self-teaching exercises of JavaScript language. They are written in pure JavaScript, HTML and CCS.

Nowadays, however, pure JavaScript is an obsolete language as since 2001 JavaScript has evolved into JQuery, JSON, AJAX, and there are lots of JavaScript frameworks and plugins to aid a JavaScript Developer. On top of this, now, we have mobile and iPad development.

For children magic is always exciting and wonderful, but for a mature mind the magic lies in determining how the magic works.

Games can be classified into two groups: 'conceptional' and 'physical'. Conceptional games work on the principles of concepts which have no relation with an entity, like language and maths, whilst physical is a a tanglable entity whose attributes are fixed here, on Earth, as they are fixed out in the deep voids of outer space.

The games on this page represent both the groups, though the second game, Blackjack, here is based on a conceptional principles.

Of course in the real world, it is the 'physical', the outcome depending on the physical shuffle of the deck. You can shuffle once or a thousand times, you cannot predicate the cards the players will get -- unless you physical cheat!