• Creating window-shopping websites (finding and setting up the entire website with a suitable Web Host).
  • Creating light weight e-commerce websites.
  • Creating small and medium database systems using Oracle, PL/SQL, VB6, Access and SQL Server.
  • Designing.
  • Undertaking Moderate I.T. related issuses.
  • Converting VHS/Hi8mm cassettes into DVDs. No fancy extras which serve no real purpose other than to inflate the price you pay for your transfer.


  • Usally Easton Web Designers built websites using the open source PHP (5.6 and above) and MySQL (5) from first principles.
  • It also builts websites using ASP classic and SQL Server (2005).
  • It works with Windows XP to Windows 8, and Internet Explorer 10.
  • It works with WordPress, especially to create bloggs.
  • It works with Microsft Office 2010 -- Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint.
  • It uses Abode Photoshop CSS2 to create designs and manipulate images.
  • At the moment it does not undertake to develop applications using JAVA or .NET languages.
  • Projects

    Easton Web Designers works with Self-Employees, Small Businesses, Institutes and Organisations.

    It works with a wide range of diverse cutlures, and does not prejudice against anyone as long as the undertakiong has merits towards the general public.